Covid-19 update

Covid-19 update

Dear All,

As a fellowship, we want to be wise, faithful and compassionate in light of information available to us around the coronavirus and the speed at which it is changing.

This virus has now been declared a pandemic and whilst we do not want to panic, we recognise how serious this is, especially to our elderly and those with underlying health conditions. We also want to do all we can to limit the spread of the virus to protect our medical professionals and delay the impact on limited health care resources. We will be following governmental guidelines and these will impact how we normally operate as church so please follow our social media platforms for updates.

Our Faith:

God is not the Author of confusion or fear, but of faith. Therefore, while we need to exercise common sense and good hygiene, please do not allow the enemy to trap you into fear and panic. Remember please that God has given us a spirit of love and peace, not fear and anxiety.

Measures Being Taken:

Again, we endorse good and wise practices at the moment. In light of all that’s going on, here are some changes and precautions that we will be taking. This is in no way an exhaustive list and we will monitor it on a regular basis, making the appropriate changes:

  • On Sundays, all doors will be held open for you by our greeting team right through to the auditorium.
  • Handshakes and hugs are not the most prudent thing at present and so we suggest these practices are avoided for the time being.
  • To avoid handling the communion plates and trays we will request that as far as is practical during communion, alternate rows are left vacant or partially so, to allow Deacons access to everyone.
  • Deacons and Peter will wash their hands before distribution of the bread and ‘wine’.
  • Tea and coffee will still be available. Also, please be mindful of the distance between you and others. Empty cups should be placed directly in the recycling bin which will be made accessible.
  • The Offering bags will not be passed along the rows, but a basket will be at each door and you can leave your offering there either before or after our services of worship.
  • We are not at this time, altering the programme of events that run through the week.
  • Be mindful of elderly and vulnerable neighbours and ensure they have enough food.

Further information is available from the Public Health Agency website.

Thank you

The Office Bearers

If you are showing any symptoms (e.g., cough, temperature, shortness of breath, etc.) – PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND any public gathering including church, but let us know and stay connected – by phone or social media.

Direct coughs and sneezes into tissues please, and as the slogan says: catch it, bin it, kill it.

Wash hands well and often with warm water. Avoid touching your face and nose.

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