Past Events

Past Events

27 Jun 2023 – 30 Jun 2023

Lost at Sea – CB:kids Summer Club

Registration temporarily reopened at: Your whole family are invited to join us on Sunday 2nd July at 11 am for the final family club with free lunch and dessert afterwards.
25 Jun 2023

CB:Kids Sunday & Connect

Sunday Morning September – June Who? Age Nursery & P1: What? CBKids Sunday Where? Little Hall (next to Sports’ Hall) When? From 11.00-12.00 . Who? Age P2 – P6: What? CBKids Sunday Where? Sports’Hall When? From 11.00-12.00 Who? Age P7 & Yr 8: What? CBConnect (an opportunity for a more informal Bible Study) Where? Peter’s Office (upstairs) When? From 11.00-12.00 Led by Susan McKay and Lyndsey Chambers with a band of enthusiastic team members. Our desire is to see children…
26 May 2023


Beginning in September CB:kids CLUB meet each Friday 6.45 pm – 7:45 pm for all Primary School aged children. There will be Bible Lessons, Memory Verses, Quizzes, Games, Craft, Tuckshop, Football and trips to various places. Come along and join the fun! If you would like more information then talk to David or Emma-Jayne MacDermott or ask a deacon to direct you to one of the leaders. Click here for registration.
20 Apr 2023
Over the past few years, many of our babies/toddlers have missed crucial social opportunities to help develop their language. At this free event, our speakers will give tips and strategies to help you build your child’s communication skills. The event is open to everyone who would be caring for or looking after children, especially in the 0 – 5 age group. If you have any questions you can contact us at
23 Mar 2023

Family Focus on Mental Health

Our children have had a difficult few years and as parents and carers, it’s hard to know how best to support our children’s mental health. We’ve asked Made for More NI to share some tips and information to help us help them. We’d love for you to join us for this free event. Let us know you’re coming on Facebook: