Posts from February 2022

Posts from February 2022

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March Missions

Dear friends, We hope and pray that you are well. MARCH MISSIONS MONTH The missionary committee have arranged another March Missions month with a special focus on Baptist Missions Peru. We want to invite you to participate again this year and we’ve arranged a number of special events and resources that should suit all ages! Sunday Services & Midweek Meeting Sunday 27th February – John Brew will spark our interest in Peru, an area that many of our church have…

Christians in Ukraine

Baptists make up one of the largest evangelical groups in Ukraine. They have existed in the country for several hundred years and are much bigger in numbers than Irish Baptists. The 2020 figures for the Evangelical Baptist Union of Ukraine show that they had 2272 churches affiliated with 113, 000 members. They also run a number of Bible colleges, some of which are the size of a university. In 2014 Russia illegally took control of 2 parts of Ukraine, Crimea…

The New City Catechism

CB:Kids Sunday have been working through the New City Catechism so we have shared some resources below to help. The New City Catechism App Big Bible Questions part A Big Bible Questions part B