Emily Peru Hope Trust

Emily Peru Hope Trust

First, thank you for the very generous Christmas morning collection. We plan to use this towards a three-year cycle to replace the school uniform of every child at Casa Hogar El Amor de Dios (about 60 children). Funds were provided for a Christmas present for every child there, and also at New Hope (48 children). Contributions towards Summer Camps for the children in their (current) summer holiday were added.

We have moments of turbulence as we try to learn to effectively run a small business, albeit one that eschews profits and tries to give money away. That’s not as easy as you’d think! Currency fluctuations and bank charges are on our mind, and we are appraising alternative transfer methods. In the meantime, the rental from our late daughter Emily’s flat continues to fund remedial teaching at both Homes, and contributes to TAMAR at All Souls in London. www.tamarwestminster.org

New Hope, substantially funded from the USA, has improved facilities, including new accommodation for older children to help prepare them for the world outside the gates of the Home. In contrast, El Amor de Dios is run on a shoestring by a local couple; but give thanks that the Trust was able to fund a new storey containing two dormitories and a recreation room for their older girls. Both Homes are very grateful for any help they receive. Please pray for the hard-working staff at both.

Both Homes will hopefully be visited by a team from Carrickfergus around the brief Peruvian National Day holiday. Please pray about this.

Linda & Jack


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