Shorts, sandals, and sunscreen

Shorts, sandals, and sunscreen

Shorts. Sandals. Sunscreen. Over the past couple of weeks, our little town has been scorched with the sun. We have enjoyed evening walks, ice cream, and maybe more importantly drying clothes outside! However, this all points to one thing. Summer is fast approaching. We cannot guarantee the sunshine will last but no doubt we are looking forward to our holidays whether that means two weeks in Florida, camping in Spain, or just getting those valuable days off work.

Do you have fond memories of childhood summers maybe filled with camps, five-day clubs and those who shared Christ with you?  During the summer months, we see people in our church give up holidays to serve God in practical ways. These are vital opportunities to spread the gospel, whilst also developing Christian friendships and skills that can be used within Church.

Everyone can be involved in different areas of this summer work. Maybe you could chat to Lucy Rodgers about her Exodus team and find out about her exciting opportunity to travel to Hungary. Or you can pray for Hannah McKay as she leads CSSM for the first time for the fortnight 8th-20th July. You could send a message of encouragement to one of the many people involved in BYouth Camps especially Millisle and Kilkeel. Or you could have a more practical role at our own Epic Explorers Bible Club.

Summer is fast approaching. Nevertheless, we know the humdrum of September will come too soon. Don’t waste this summer no matter what age you are. Spend it serving God whether that is on your knees praying, with words of encouragement or sharing the wonderful love of Christ with those who have no hope.

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