Baby Massage Course

Baby Massage Course

When? – usually, Thursdays 11-12, for 6 weeks
Where? – Carrickfergus Baptist Church, crèche room
How to register? – phone or text Sandra 07704428570

We are pleased to be able to offer baby massage classes to parents with babies aged 0-1.

Ideally, it’s good to attend before your baby can roll over and crawl away but you can start anytime in the first year. You don’t need to be a member of the church or even live close by – the classes are open to any interested parents.

Baby massage has been around for many years and has been steadily gaining in popularity in NI since the early 1990’s when Sandra, our instructor, trained with IAIM. IAIM is a well established, high quality, well researched and respected worldwide organisation.- they have their own website if you would like more info.

The course is an opportunity for special one to one time with your baby in a very relaxed and baby friendly atmosphere. If your baby is asleep we won’t waken them; if they need fed or just cuddled rather than massaged that isn’t a problem, just feel relaxed to do whatever your baby needs and Sandra will continue talking through the instructions. The only time she may have to stop is if all the babies decide to cry at once!

There will be weeks you will massage your baby and others you won’t and either is absolutely grand. Each week you will be learning strokes beginning with the legs and over the 6 weeks, the massage grows until by the last week you will know the complete massage including gentle stretches and a routine for colic. You will also learn how to adapt as your child grows.

To gain the most from the course it is important to practice the strokes in between classes but don’t worry no one is ever put on the spot and asked as we are very aware how quickly a week passes for a busy parent.

We supply an instruction booklet and a small bottle of oil- organic, coldpressed sunflower or vegetable oil, non-scented. You are welcome to use your own oil if you wish -our choice of oil has been well researched and is discussed in the group.

Throughout the course Sandra will not only demonstrate and teach the strokes (on a doll, you are the only one massaging your baby) she will also share interesting and useful research-based information on the benefits of massage for both you and your baby.

Each week you will have plenty of time to chat with other parents over refreshments.

Useful information:

  • There is no fee, the church funds materials and refreshments
  • All you need to bring is your baby, a blanket and a cushion ( for your comfort)
  • Ensure you have informed Sandra if your baby has any health needs she needs to be aware of
  • If we can help during the class please don’t hesitate to ask Sandra, May or Lilian
  • Although it is best to be present at the start we understand it’s not easy getting out with a baby so don’t worry if you’re running late, just join us when you can.
  • Just prior to refreshments each week Sandra will share a brief thought for the day – usually something about being a parent linked to a verse from the Bible. Then there is a short prayer.
  • It’s obviously best to attend every week but often weeks are missed due to doctor appointments or being unwell – don’t worry if this happens as the strokes are recapped each week and Sandra is always available to answer queries or show strokes again at the end of class.
  • Any information Sandra asks for is only for her records e.g: your email address is useful to send photographs taken of the certificate presentation on the last week 🙂

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