Update from Tim Wilson

Update from Tim Wilson

Hi folks,
Firstly, apologies for the lack of updates about the work in Burkina this season – it’s not that the work
isn’t happening, it’s just that I’ve been struggling to write… Secondly, thanks for your continued
support for the work, and myself – both in prayer, and financially – it really is very much appreciated.

Mark and TimSo, here’s a bit of a synopsis of the past season… As you may have seen on the news, the security situation in Burkina (especially in the north and east) is pretty bleak; and it’s getting worse, with Christians now being targeted more specifically in recent days. As a consequence, apart from a short survey trip in November to the southwest of the country, we haven’t been outside Ouaga for the whole of this season. Saying that, we’ve still had the privilege of drilling 25 new wells around the city. These have been at a mixture of new churches, existing churches, church projects – sometimes in built-up areas, sometimes in green field sites (where you could forget that you’re technically still within the city limits). In each case, we trust that the Lord will use the gift of clean water to help proclaim His Gospel. Regarding teams, we didn’t bring in any teams from the UK but hosted some teams who were brought to Burkina by our partners. (On a side note, a new ‘Team Wilson’ was created in February
when I married Amanda – who’s from the USA, but works in Chad! We had met in a language school a
few years ago and got together last year. Long distance relationships aren’t easy, but it’s great that
we’re in the same country now!)

At the same time, we’ve worked with local contractors to drill wells in areas of the country where we
can’t go ourselves. Some of our partners have had bad experiences using contractors so we’ve put a
process in place where we manage the work, with someone reporting directly to us travelling with the
contractor as they work. Also, our guy will complete the testing of the well and install the pump, and
this time is often used to perform evangelism in the village. Using contractors, a further 47 wells have
been completed this season.

Looking ahead, things will be changing next season – for a start, we won’t be based full-time in
Burkina. The opportunity to work in Burkina is lessening with each attack, and so we’re looking to the
Lord for His guidance and wisdom as to how and where to carry on the work. There are different options
available to us, and as we investigate them we’d appreciate your continued prayers.

Amanda and I head back to N.Ireland on Wednesday 22nd May, and we’re looking forward to catching
up with many of you over the summer months.

Again, many thanks for all your support,

Peru 2019

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