Stanley Spray

Stanley was born in North Belfast in 1953 and became a Christian when he was 6 years old. He became an Elder in 2005.
He worked for 33 years in the Northern Ireland Fire Brigade. His first call was to the Oxford Street Bombing on “Bloody Friday” in 1972 and this was the first of many similar incidents he attended throughout “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland.
In 1974 he married Catherine and they lived and served God in Belfast for over 20 years. They then moved to Carrickfergus in 1995 and joined the Fellowship in Carrickfergus Baptist Church. Stanley is an active member of the Praise Team. He is also committed to Firefighters For Christ, a Worldwide organisation which strives to reach every serving Firefighter with the Gospel.
Likes – He is an avid golfer and is a member of Carrickfergus Golf Club. He is also a member of the Northern Ireland Fire Brigade Golf Society. He played rugby for 30 years but is now only”fit” enough to watch! He likes listening to 70’s Rock music and playing his guitar. Enjoys a good movie – favourite one “The Shawshank Redemption”
Dislikes – Wet Saturdays (Guess why!), Brussel Sprouts